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Minh-Ky NGuyen
Minh-Ky NGuyen
Nong Lam University of Ho Chi Minh City
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Trích dẫn bởi
Phthalates in the environment: characteristics, fate and transport, and advanced wastewater treatment technologies
HT Tran, C Lin, XT Bui, MK Nguyen, NDT Cao, H Mukhtar, HG Hoang, ...
Bioresource Technology 344, 126249, 2022
Evaluate the role of biochar during the organic waste composting process: A critical review
HTT Minh Ky Nguyen, Chitsan Lin, Hong Giang Hoang, Peter Sanderson, Bao ...
Chemosphere, 134488, 2022
Use of Moringa oleifera seeds powder as bio-coagulants for the surface water treatment
HT Nhut, NTQ Hung, BQ Lap, LTN Han, TQ Tri, NHK Bang, NT Hiep, ...
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 18 (8), 2173-2180, 2021
Microplastics in sewage sludge: Distribution, toxicity, identification methods, and engineered technologies
HTT Minh Ky Nguyen, Mohammed Hadi, Chitsan Lin, Hoang-Lam Nguyen, Vu-Binh ...
Chemosphere, 136455, 2022
Removal of nutrients and organic pollutants from domestic wastewater treatment by sponge-based moving bed biofilm reactor
HT Nhut, NTQ Hung, TC Sac, NHK Bang, T Quang, NTH Tri, NM Ky
Environmental Engineering Research 25 (5), 652-658, 2020
Characteristics of airborne bacteria and fungi in the atmosphere in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam-A case study over three years
VD Hai, SMT Hoang, NTQ Hung, NM Ky, B Gwi-Nam, P Ki-hong, ...
International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 145, 104819, 2019
Tropospheric ozone and NOx: A review of worldwide variation and meteorological influences
DH Nguyen, C Lin, CT Vu, NK Cheruiyot, MK Nguyen, TH Le, ...
Environmental Technology & Innovation, 102809, 2022
Aerosol mass and major composition characterization of ambient air in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
CC Phan, TQH Nguyen, MK Nguyen, KH Park, GN Bae, L Seung-bok, ...
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 17 (6), 3189-3198, 2020
Composting and green technologies for remediation of phthalate (PAE)-contaminated soil: Current status and future perspectives
CTV Huu-Tuan Tran, Minh-Ky Nguyen, Hong-Giang Hoang, Justin M. Hutchison
Chemosphere, 2022
Assessment of Rice Straw–Derived Biochar for Livestock Wastewater Treatment
BQ Lap, NVD Thinh, NTQ Hung, NH Nam, HTT Dang, HT Ba, NM Ky, ...
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 232 (4), 1-13, 2021
Potential of Biochar Production from Agriculture Residues at Household Scale: A Case Study in Go Cong Tay District, Tien Giang Province, Vietnam
TQH Nguyen, KT Nguyen, MK Nguyen, TNH Le
Biodegradation of Different Types of Bioplastics through Composting—A Recent Trend in Green Recycling
Ahsan WA, Hussain A, Lin C, Nguyen MK.
Catalysts 13 (2), 294, 2023
Investigation of ecological risk of microplastics in peatland areas: A case study in Vietnam
HTT Minh Ky Nguyen, Chitsan Lin, Nguyen Tri Quang Hung, Hong-Giang Hoang ...
Environmental Research, 115190, 2023
Occurrence and distribution of microplastics in peatland areas: A case study in Long An province of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
MK Nguyen, C Lin, NTQ Hung, DVN Vo, KN Nguyen, BTP Thuy, ...
Science of The Total Environment, 157066, 2022
Advanced Treatment Technologies for the Removal of Organic Chemical Sunscreens from Wastewater: a Review
TPTB Huu-Tuan Tran, Bao-Trong Dang, Le Thi Thu Thuy, Hong-Giang Hoang, Xuan ...
Current Pollution Reports, 2022
Investigation of biochar amendments on odor reduction and their characteristics during food waste co-composting
HTT Minh Ky Nguyen, Chitsan Lin, Hong Giang Hoang, Xuan Thanh Bui, Huu Hao ...
Science of The Total Environment, 161128, 2023
Assessment of Nutrients Removal by Constructed Wetlands Using Reed Grass (Phragmites australis L.) and Vetiver Grass (Vetiveria Zizanioides L.)
J. Fac. Agr., Kyushu Univ 65 (1), 149-156, 2020
Artificial Intelligence in Pollution Control and Management: Status and Future Prospects
TD Hoang, NM Ky, NTN Thuong, HQ Nhan, NVC Ngan
Artificial Intelligence and Environmental Sustainability, 23-43, 2022
Emergence of microplastics in the aquatic ecosystem and their potential effects on health risks: The insights into Vietnam
MK Nguyen, C Lin, HL Nguyen, VR Le, KL Priya, J Singh, SW Chang, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 344, 118499, 2023
Succession of biochar addition for soil amendment and contaminants remediation during co-composting: A state of art review
DVNV Huu-Tuan Tran, Nanthi S. Bolan, Chitsan Lin, Quach An Binh, Minh-Ky ...
Journal of Environmental Management 342, 118191, 2023
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